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About Carl & Ann Cline

Ann Cline has been a painter on porcelain for many years and has had her work published in most of the international magazines. Although she doesn't teach any longer, she has published several books and studies. She started painting on porcelain about 1970 and started teaching a private class about 1973. Later she obtained her adult education teaching certificate by completing UCLA extension courses and began teaching 2 classes a week in Adult Education with about 40 students per class. She also taught one class a week in a shop, one class a week in her studio and many private seminars, which led to Ann founding Porcelain Artists of California in 1978, a club for china painters.

These classes and the club helped make china painting become very popular in the San Gabriel Valley area of Southern California.

When the club began to have china painting shows, Carl & Ann took a booth which lead to them establishing a china painting supply business. Their business is very popular today in the United States and throughout the world through catalog sales and their web site.

During the period when they were traveling around the country doing the shows, conventions, and teaching they took advantage of the time between to visit antique shops and establish a large collection of antiques which they enjoy sharing.

They especially enjoy collecting the work of Franz Bischoff and, besides his paintings on porcelain, they have several of his watercolors and oils. See our antique collection on this web site.

Carl & Ann are always interested in purchasing Franz Bischoff paintings--especially on porcelain. They can be reached via email: or via phone 909-907-5334.